Investment Multifamily Real Estate

Get reliable, passive income fast.

We understand today's market on a global scale and know that real estate offers better returns and more reliable passive income sources than most investment opportunities. Our goal is to help our clients build equity and make intelligent choices so that they may leverage that equity accordingly. To maximize your return on investment and increase peace of mind, we are with you every step of the way from shopping for your ideal property, negotiations, purchase, appraisals, property inspections, construction and resale. Los Angeles County is flourishing with growing communities and massive developments, driving more families and individuals into the city thus providing perfect opportunities for investment.

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Why Invest in Multifamily?

Easier & Better Financing Opportunities

Growing Your Portfolio More Quickly

Luxury of a Property Manager

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Millennials are placing strong demand on rental properties.


Baby Boomers are increasingly opting to rent.


Shorter-term lease agreements allot for faster increases in rent.


The data suggests increasing demand for workforce housing.


There are better financing opportunities.

 What Does the Data Show?

Over the 25-year period from 1992 through 2017, multifamily real estate provided the highest average annual total returns (9.75%) of any commercial real estate sector with the second lowest level of volatility (7.75%), according to research cited in a 2018 report by CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate investment firm.

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*Source: CBRE Research

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*Photo: 853 North June Street, Los Angeles CA 90038

New Construction Quadruplex |Sold for $3,605,000

The Numbers Just Make Sense.

853 June Street began as a single family property with great potential. We participated in a 20 month construction period that yielding us with a brand new construction quadruplex with record financial breaking results for the buyer.

Los Angeles is Booming with Developments

In the past five years, Los Angeles neighborhoods have experienced an impressive surge in overall sense of community and socialization with an influx of students and young professionals, making L.A extremely desirable to renters for years to come.

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He has the ability to analyze and plan a strategy which takes advantage of market conditions, incorporates the best financing options and most importantly, maximizes the return on your equity.

-Artem T, Developer